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Aged Eco 0 Year Tinmar jeans M1006Q.000.356 350

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Tapered fit jeans with regular waist and tapered leg for a relaxed and comfortable wear. With a vintage look, the garment is made of 11,5 oz organic bright blue indigo rigid denim Aged O year with a raw wash tone. With five pockets, the jeans is characterized by the shiny finish of the fabric, given by the rinse wash for a clean and natural looking piece. Like wine, denim also improves over time. Check out our years and choose the perfect one for you! The cotton is 100% organic for a sustainable choice.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Aged Eco 0 Year Tinmar jeans - Replay M1006Q_000_356-350_007_1 M1006Q_000_356-350_007_2 M1006Q_000_356-350_007_3 M1006Q_000_356-350_007_4 M1006Q_000_356-350_007_5 M1006Q_000_356-350_007_6 M1006Q_000_356-350_007_7 M1006Q_000_356-350_007_8