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Padded long jacket with pockets W7721 .000.84452

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Long jacket made of crinkle quilted technical nylon. The oversized garment features a solid inner padding which makes it ideal for the coldest days. The item is equipped with two adjustable zipper fastenings on the sides and functional maxi zipped pockets at the front and on the side of the sleeves.

LINING : 100% Polyamide/nylon
STUFFING : 100% Polyester
EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Polyamide/nylon

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Padded long jacket with pockets - Replay W7721_000_84452_238_1 W7721_000_84452_238_2 W7721_000_84452_238_3 W7721_000_84452_238_4 W7721_000_84452_238_5 W7721_000_84452_238_6 W7721_000_84452_238_7 W7721_000_84452_238_8