A capsule collection about to revolutionize the denim world: Hyperflex + is the result of tireless research and a major journey of innovation.
Hyperflex + provides 100% elsaticity in the weft as well as a high percentage of elasticity in the warp, giving it a three-dimensional flexibility in the threads running the length of the fabric: a 3D elasticity for a perfect fit in every direction, which will stand the test of time thanks to the "recovery power" feature.
For him, there is the slim-fit top-seller Anbass and a new slim-fit biker model, clean-lined chinos and a soft sport chino with an easy fit, drawstring waist and ribbing around the ankle.
For the ladies, in addition to the sport chino and biker models also proposed for the gents, we see the new model Luz, in skinny-fit top-selling denim, and Stella, a super high waist skinny model.
Hyperflex + washes range from ultrablack with resin coating to a sanded black with distressed areas and localized abrasions to create a used effect, also available in a blue-black version that brings out shades of indigo. Models in grey tones range from a random cloudy wash to a mid-grey, in both clean and used versions. All garments have undergone the same 3D drying process that gives a worn look to the apparel.