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Weaved sweater with used effect DK1461.000.G23268

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Half-neck sweater in cotton blend knit. The garment has regular fit and offers comfort and softness thanks to the wide sleeves and the dropped armholes. The item is characterized by the weaved pattern with foiled finish which conveys a semi-shiny effect. It features ribbed outlines with abrasions along the edges for a used effect.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 71% Cotton,29% Polyamide/nylon

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Weaved sweater with used effect - Replay DK1461_000_G23268_010_1 DK1461_000_G23268_010_2 DK1461_000_G23268_010_3 DK1461_000_G23268_010_5 DK1461_000_G23268_010_6 DK1461_000_G23268_010_7