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We Are Replay printed dress with frills VD8002.000.V73826

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Viscose dress with paisley print and all-over animalier details. The sleeveless garment is characterized by the V-neck top tight atthe waist and by the frilled skirt with asymmetric cut and above-the-knee length. The We Are collection stems from the brand's archives and embodies the roots of the Replay brand in a unique and original way. Every technique and finish celebrate the artisanal craftsmanship and the strong and eclectic vibe from this collection.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Viscose

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We Are Replay printed dress with frills - Replay VD8002_000_V73826_010_1 VD8002_000_V73826_010_2 VD8002_000_V73826_010_3 VD8002_000_V73826_010_5 VD8002_000_V73826_010_6 VD8002_000_V73826_010_7