We are Replay lace dress VD8253.000.V82818

This item is no longer available.

We are Replay solid lace dress with round neckline and wide elbow-length sleeves, waist seam and pleated skirt. Tonal slip dress with spaghetti strap.

LINING : 100% Viscose
EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Polyamide/nylon

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We are Replay lace dress - We are Replay VD8253_000_V82818_098_1 VD8253_000_V82818_098_2 VD8253_000_V82818_098_3 VD8253_000_V82818_098_5 VD8253_000_V82818_098_6 VD8253_000_V82818_098_7 VD8253_000_V82818_098_8