Waist bag with metal appliques FW3822.000.A0132D

This item is no longer available.

Women's waist bag in hammered eco-leather, closure with double slider zipper, 3D effect and metal eyelets on the front, adjustable belt with metal buckle and detail with charm and chain, width 20 cm, height 14 cm, depth 4 cm.

LINING 1 : 100% Polyester
EXTERNAL CLOTH 1 : 100% Polyurethane

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Waist bag with metal appliques - Replay FW3822_000_A0132D_168_1 FW3822_000_A0132D_098_1 FW3822_000_A0132D_168_2 FW3822_000_A0132D_098_2 FW3822_000_A0132D_001_2 FW3822_000_A0132D_001_3 FW3822_000_A0132D_098_3 FW3822_000_A0132D_168_3 FW3822_000_A0132D_168_4 FW3822_000_A0132D_001_4 FW3822_000_A0132D_001_5 FW3822_000_A0132D_098_5 FW3822_000_A0132D_168_5 FW3822_000_A0132D_168_6 FW3822_000_A0132D_098_6 FW3822_000_A0132D_001_6