Replay Tailored crewneck jersey t-shirt M3579 .000.23224

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Men's crewneck t-shirt in solid-coloured cotton blend jersey, regular fit, REPLAY DENIM SARTORIALE label on the side of the hem. The items of the Tailored collection are made with simple and clean fabrics with highly designed shapes for a perfect fit. A new way of wearing a classy but premium look.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Replay Tailored crewneck jersey t-shirt - Replay M3579_000_23224_801_1 M3579_000_23224_801_2 M3579_000_23224_801_3 M3579_000_23224_801_4 M3579_000_23224_801_5 M3579_000_23224_801_6 M3579_000_23224_801_7