Replay Dainese Smart jacket MDR110.000.483 D07

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Men's airbag motorcycle vest made from the mix of the classical Replay cotton and stretch nylon denim with upper insert in real Dainese cowhide, inner lining in breathable mesh fabric, regular fit, wearable both over and under any other jacket or dress, one welt pocket with customized zipper puller on the chest and on the sides, leather label on the upper side with SPEED DEMON Dainese iconic logo and REPLAY lettering in coppery metal, full zipper fastening, Dainese D-air® label on the chest, the most advanced motorcycle airbag system that independently detects dangerous situations and automatically turns on to protect the biker. Thanks to this sophisticated Dainese D-air® airbag technology, the same used to protect MotoGP™ bikers and developed in more than 25 years of research, this vest is characterized by the patented inner bag with microfilaments that allows homogeneous inflation on the entire covered surface, thus becoming a real protective shield. A versatile item suitable for any use on the road, cool for the hottest days and resistant in every weather condition.

EXTERNAL CLOTH 1 : 60% Cotton,30% Polyamide/nylon,7% Polyester,3% Elastane

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Replay Dainese Smart jacket - Replay MDR110_000_483-D07_098_1 MDR110_000_483-D07_098_2 MDR110_000_483-D07_098_3 MDR110_000_483-D07_098_5 MDR110_000_483-D07_098_6 MDR110_000_483-D07_098_7 MDR110_000_483-D07_098_8

You will need to register and activate it before you can use it. Download the D-air® App to activate it and access all the features.


1. Always check battery level before use;

2. Turn off the Smart Jacket when not riding the bike, to preserve battery life;

3. Arm the system, by closing the on/off button, only once in the saddle and ready to go;

4. Disarm the system before getting off the bike by opening the on/off button

WARNING: Before purchasing and using D-air®, please carefully read the instructions and warnings in the user manual.


The Smart Jacket can be worn over or under any jacket. To select your correct sizing, just follow these simple steps:

If you are planning to wear the Smart Jacket under your riding jacket, just measure your chest size first wearing what you will wear when riding (base layers, t-shirt, fleece..)
Please note: It is recommended that you have 5cm (2inch) of space between your base layers and jacket both on the front and on the back to leave the correct room in case of an activation.
If you are planning to wear the Smart Jacket over your riding jacket, just measure your chest while wearing it.
If your jacket has armour, please ensure they are in before measuring.
Once you defined the correct chest sizing, just follow the sizing guide below to select the most appropriate Smart Jacket size.


The Smart Jacket has a natural drop (regular fit).

EURO 42 44-46 48-50 52-54 56-58 60
USA-UK 32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50
HEIGHT 163-166 166-172 172-178 178-184 184-188 188-189
CHEST 82-86 86-94 94-102 102-110 110-118 118-122
NECK 35.5-36.5 36.5-38.5 38.5-40.5 40.5-42.5 42.5-44.5 44.5-45.5
WAIST 70-74 74-82 82-90 90-98 98-106 106-110



The distance between the top of the head and the soles of the feet taken when standing upright with the feet together.


Circumference of the chest

The circumference of the chest is the maximum measurement taken around the chest when standing upright and breathing normally. The tape measure is passed around the chest at the level of the shoulder blades, below the armpits.


Circumference of the neck

The circumference of the neck is measured about 2 cm below the Adam’s apple at the seventh cervical vertebra.


Circumference of the waist

The circumference of the waist is measured by passing the tape measure on the waistline between the ribs and the pelvis just above the hip bones. Take the measurement when standing upright and breathing normally with the abdomen relaxed.