Openwork cardigan with pockets DK1306.000.G22454G

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Women’s openwork long cardigan in cotton, long sleeves with dropped shoulders and elasticated cuffs, ribbed opening, cuffs and hemline, two pockets with long fringes on the front. It comes with no buttons, but features a ribbon to tie around the waist and can be worn both open and closed.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Openwork cardigan with pockets - Replay DK1306_000_G22454G_205_1 DK1306_000_G22454G_205_2 DK1306_000_G22454G_970_2 DK1306_000_G22454G_970_3 DK1306_000_G22454G_205_3 DK1306_000_G22454G_205_5 DK1306_000_G22454G_970_5 DK1306_000_G22454G_970_6 DK1306_000_G22454G_205_6 DK1306_000_G22454G_205_7 DK1306_000_G22454G_970_7