Linen and cotton crewneck jumper DK2000.000.G21634T

This item is no longer available.

Woman's solid linen and cotton jumper with rolled round collar and raw-edge side seam. Ribbed cuffs and split hem.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 55% Flax,45% Cotton

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Linen and cotton crewneck jumper - Replay DK2000_000_G21634T_011_1 DK2000_000_G21634T_011_2 DK2000_000_G21634T_087_2 DK2000_000_G21634T_087_3 DK2000_000_G21634T_011_3 DK2000_000_G21634T_011_5 DK2000_000_G21634T_087_5 DK2000_000_G21634T_087_6 DK2000_000_G21634T_011_6 DK2000_000_G21634T_011_7 DK2000_000_G21634T_087_7