Hyperflex+ Luz skinny fit jeans WX689 .000.661 S06

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Women's skinny fit jeans with push-up effect in Hyperflex+™ 12oz cottonblend, with black tone wash with marble finish, with handmade 3D whiskers, used areas and abrasion, final dry on 3D mannequin. Metallic R-shaped stud on the right back pocket, logo tag on the w aistband and zip fly. While Hyperflex, the brand’s well-known best seller, is provided with a 100% elasticity in the weft, Hyperflex+ new elasticity offers an innovative three-dimensional flexibility. The recovery power feature due to the fabric composition, ensures a perfect multidirectional fit which lasts over time.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 80% Cotton,13% Polyester,7% Elastane

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