Thanks to the partnership with ISKO, Replay further reinforces its focus on sustainability with the introduction of Hyperflex Re-Used, in compliance with the most stringent internationally-recognized eco-friendly standards.
With this product, Replay takes new steps towards a broad and consistent project approach that impacts all stages of the production process.
The name itself is suggestive: Hyperflex Re-Used is made – or rather, remade – from eco-friendly raw materials, a mix of reused or recycled materials. This blend of reused cotton and recycled polyester makes Hyperflex Re-Used a double green denim!
The winning idea consists of recovering waste cotton fibers from lost from the ordinary spinning processes. This loss makes up around 10% of the virgin cotton: a significant quantity that, thanks to Hyperflex Re-Used, is included in a new production cycle, thus creating regenerated CCS-certified cotton.
The recycled polyester is created instead from reused PET from plastic bottles or other certified waste. For this project, Replay has once again leveraged from the experience of ISKO, world leader in denim production. The goal was to create a unique product making a further step into the sustainability cycle that would reconfirm Replay and ISKO as innovators in the sector.

Video credit: ISKOTM