These days, it seems like a new training trend appears every day. Our daily lives are full of new ways to move and flex our bodies. With its extensive range, the Hyper range is the best outfit to challenge yourself with these new activities. Whatever they are!

Tapping into workout trends culture on social media, we have created an iconic, “greater-than-life” training program that perfectly demonstrates the Hyper range’s stretch and flexibility with an ironic tone of voice.

First up is our Hyperflex Chino Edition! Chinos are undoubtedly essential in style. They can be simply described as casual trouser with a smarter look than jeans but, at the same time, they are less formal than dress pants. Their simple cut provides a well-rounded option, adaptable with almost any footwear and t-shirt or button down shirt for a smarter look but with the comfort factor.

Replay Hyperflex technology is the added value that sums up all the needs. Hyperflex technology offers total elasticity, excellent fabric recovery and long-lasting shape retention. Thanks to this, wearing your Hyperflex Chino will give you the best comfort and freedom of movement.