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Women’s Boy Fit Jeans

Versatile, comfortable, and trendy. The undisputed protagonists of any outfit, these jeans with a masculine cut amaze for their glamour and style. From streetwear to sporty chic looks, with Replay women’s boy fit jeans, your outfit will always be a hit  . A low fit, vintage washes, and a worn effect, for a garment that is able to revolutionize any outfit with a trendy and exclusive touch.

  • Boy fit Heter jeans wa665n.000.142 549

    wa665n.000.142 549

  • Boy fit Heter Maestro jeans wa665m.000.207 m50

    wa665m.000.207 m50

  • Boy fit Heter jeans wa665n.000.207 577

    wa665n.000.207 577

  •  Slim boyfit Marty jeans wa416l.000.143 387

    wa416l.000.143 387

  • Slim boyfit Marty jeans wa416l.000.207 577

    wa416l.000.207 577