T-shirt with REPLAY TRIBUTE WONDER WOMAN W3601A.000.22880

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Women's crewneck t-shirt in cotton jersey, regular fit, short sleeves, ribbed collar with WONDER WOMAN customized label and REPLAY TRIBUTE tag embroidered on the inside, contrasting-coloured REPLAY TRIBUTE logo printed on the side of the sleeve, lettering print and WONDER WOMAN comic at the front. This item belongs to the limited edition exclusively created for Replay to celebrate Wonder Woman, the iconic character of the past.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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T-shirt with REPLAY TRIBUTE WONDER WOMAN - Replay W3601A_000_22880_001_1 W3601A_000_22880_001_2 W3601A_000_22880_001_3 W3601A_000_22880_001_5 W3601A_000_22880_001_6