REPLAY swimming trunks in recycled nylon LM1078.000.82972R

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Men’s swimming trunks in solid-coloured recycled technical nylon, regular fit with mid-tight length, elasticated waistband with drawstring, triangle-shaped REPLAY label of the same tone of the back plate, two side pockets at the front, pocket with flap at

LINING : 100% Polyamide/nylon
EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Polyester

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REPLAY swimming trunks in recycled nylon - Replay LM1078_000_82972R_303_1 LM1078_000_82972R_456_1 LM1078_000_82972R_432_1 LM1078_000_82972R_303_3 LM1078_000_82972R_432_3 LM1078_000_82972R_456_3 LM1078_000_82972R_311_3 LM1078_000_82972R_311_5 LM1078_000_82972R_456_5 LM1078_000_82972R_432_5 LM1078_000_82972R_303_5 LM1078_000_82972R_303_6 LM1078_000_82972R_432_6 LM1078_000_82972R_456_6 LM1078_000_82972R_311_6 LM1078_000_82972R_311_7 LM1078_000_82972R_456_7 LM1078_000_82972R_432_7 LM1078_000_82972R_303_7 LM1078_000_82972R_303_8 LM1078_000_82972R_432_8 LM1078_000_82972R_456_8 LM1078_000_82972R_311_8