REPLAY ESTABLISHED 1981 shopper with shoulder strap FW3160.000.A0365B

This item is no longer available.

Women’s solid-coloured shopper, double handle, interchangeable and detachable double shoulder strap, REPLAY ESTABLISHED 1981 embossed writing at the front, metal ring with R-shaped charm hooked to the handle. Length 32 cm. Height 32 cm. Width 12 cm.

LINING : 100% Polyester
EXTERNAL CLOTH 1 : 100% Polyurethane

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REPLAY ESTABLISHED 1981 shopper with shoulder strap - Replay FW3160_000_A0365B_355_1 FW3160_000_A0365B_355_2 FW3160_000_A0365B_098_2 FW3160_000_A0365B_098_3 FW3160_000_A0365B_355_3 FW3160_000_A0365B_355_4 FW3160_000_A0365B_098_4 FW3160_000_A0365B_098_5 FW3160_000_A0365B_355_5 FW3160_000_A0365B_355_6 FW3160_000_A0365B_098_6 FW3160_000_A0365B_098_7 FW3160_000_A0365B_355_7 FW3160_000_A0365B_355_8 FW3160_000_A0365B_098_8