Crewneck Recycle Cashmere sweater DK7085.000.G23014

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Women’s crewneck sweater in solid-coloured cashmere recycled and wool blend, comfort fit with dropped shoulders, ribbed collar, cuffs and hem. The type of yarn used for this sweater is produced with recycled materials coming from a careful selection of pure cashmere garments. This process allows us to have an eco-sustainable quality that respects the environment.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 35% Polyamide/nylon,30% Wool,30% Lyocell,5% Kashmir

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Crewneck Recycle Cashmere sweater - Replay DK7085_000_G23014_012_1 DK7085_000_G23014_M04_1 DK7085_000_G23014_098_1 DK7085_000_G23014_098_2 DK7085_000_G23014_M04_2 DK7085_000_G23014_012_2 DK7085_000_G23014_012_3 DK7085_000_G23014_M04_3 DK7085_000_G23014_098_3 DK7085_000_G23014_098_5 DK7085_000_G23014_M04_5 DK7085_000_G23014_012_5 DK7085_000_G23014_012_6 DK7085_000_G23014_M04_6 DK7085_000_G23014_098_6 DK7085_000_G23014_098_7 DK7085_000_G23014_M04_7 DK7085_000_G23014_012_7