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Viscose and cashmere V-neck sweater DK1453.000.G23276B

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Long-sleeved sweater made of soft and light viscose and cashmere blend. The item comes with regular fit and a deep V-neck with applique in contrasting-coloured lace on the edges. The garment is embellished by ribbed edges and a customized plate embroidered at the hem.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 40% Viscose,32% Polyamide/nylon,25% Polyester,3% Kashmir

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Viscose and cashmere V-neck sweater - Replay DK1453_000_G23276B_M04_1 DK1453_000_G23276B_M04_2 DK1453_000_G23276B_098_2 DK1453_000_G23276B_098_3 DK1453_000_G23276B_M04_3 DK1453_000_G23276B_M04_5 DK1453_000_G23276B_098_5 DK1453_000_G23276B_098_6 DK1453_000_G23276B_M04_6