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Set of two basic boxer briefs TM005 .000.I101005

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Pack of 2 slim-fit boxer briefs in solid stretch cotton. Elastic waistband with REPLAY logo.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 95% Cotton,5% Elastane

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Set of two basic boxer briefs - Replay TM005_000_I101005_N011_1 TM005_000_I101005_N093_1 TM005_000_I101005_N011_2 TM005_000_I101005_N093_2 TM005_000_I101005_N137_2 TM005_000_I101005_N137_3 TM005_000_I101005_N093_3 TM005_000_I101005_N011_3 TM005_000_I101005_N093_4 TM005_000_I101005_N137_4 TM005_000_I101005_N137_5 TM005_000_I101005_N093_5