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Second Life oversized t-shirt W3586E.000.23040P

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Crewneck sweatshirt made of solid-coloured sustainable warm cotton. The oversized piece with dropped armholes is refined by the ribbed edges and by the micro prints on the side and at the back.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Second Life oversized t-shirt - Replay W3586E_000_23040P_099_1 W3586E_000_23040P_099_2 W3586E_000_23040P_803_2 W3586E_000_23040P_803_3 W3586E_000_23040P_099_3 W3586E_000_23040P_099_5 W3586E_000_23040P_803_5 W3586E_000_23040P_803_6 W3586E_000_23040P_099_6 W3586E_000_23040P_803_7