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Comfort fit quilted jacket with hood M8183A.000.84174

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Colorblock short jacket with hood and drawstring made of technical nylon with semiglossy ripstop and poly with comfort fit. The garment features a solid padding refined by a light quilted pattern and is enhanced by the shiny customized print at the back of the hood.

LINING : 100% Polyamide/nylon
STUFFING : 100% Polyester
EXTERNAL CLOTH 1 : 100% Polyamide/nylon
EXTERNAL CLOTH 2 : 100% Polyester

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Comfort fit quilted jacket with hood - Replay M8183A_000_84174_098_1 M8183A_000_84174_696_1 M8183A_000_84174_696_2 M8183A_000_84174_098_2 M8183A_000_84174_098_3 M8183A_000_84174_696_3 M8183A_000_84174_098_4 M8183A_000_84174_098_5 M8183A_000_84174_696_5 M8183A_000_84174_696_6 M8183A_000_84174_098_6 M8183A_000_84174_098_7 M8183A_000_84174_696_7 M8183A_000_84174_696_8 M8183A_000_84174_098_8