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Sweater in recycled wool blend DK1455.000.G23142

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Crewneck pullover made of garment-dyed wool blend and recycled fibers knit with weaved pattern. With regular fit and dropped armholes, this garment ensures a comfortable wear. The item is refined by detailings along the collar and at the hem for a used look.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 49% Acrylic,24% Polyester,15% Wool,12% Polyamide/nylon

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Sweater in recycled wool blend - Replay DK1455_000_G23142_745_1 DK1455_000_G23142_745_2 DK1455_000_G23142_745_3 DK1455_000_G23142_745_5 DK1455_000_G23142_745_6