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Piqué polo shirt with REPLAY patch M3073 .000.20623

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Men’s stretch piqué polo shirt, contrasting-coloured buttons with REPLAY writing, tone-on-tone striped embroideries on the collar and on the sleeve edges, patch with REPLAY writing applied on the chest.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 95% Cotton,5% Elastane

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Piqué polo shirt with REPLAY patch - Replay M3073_000_20623_801_1 M3073_000_20623_092_1 M3073_000_20623_307_1 M3073_000_20623_303_1 M3073_000_20623_303_2 M3073_000_20623_307_2 M3073_000_20623_092_2 M3073_000_20623_801_2 M3073_000_20623_801_3 M3073_000_20623_092_3 M3073_000_20623_307_3 M3073_000_20623_303_3 M3073_000_20623_303_4 M3073_000_20623_303_5 M3073_000_20623_307_5 M3073_000_20623_092_5 M3073_000_20623_801_5 M3073_000_20623_801_6 M3073_000_20623_092_6 M3073_000_20623_307_6 M3073_000_20623_303_6 M3073_000_20623_307_7 M3073_000_20623_092_7 M3073_000_20623_801_7