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Combat cargo trousers M9780 .000.84423

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Cargo trousers with comfort fit made of stretch cotton twill. With an authentic look, the garment with pockets features many details with customized label stitched at the back.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 57% Cotton,40% Polyamide/nylon,3% Elastane

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Combat cargo trousers - Replay M9780_000_84423_439_1 M9780_000_84423_439_2 M9780_000_84423_025_2 M9780_000_84423_025_3 M9780_000_84423_439_3 M9780_000_84423_025_5 M9780_000_84423_025_6 M9780_000_84423_439_6 M9780_000_84423_439_7 M9780_000_84423_025_7 M9780_000_84423_025_8