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Army shirt with appliques M8825L.000.84024P

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Shirt in indigo cotton satin. With long sleeves and regular fit, it is enhanced by gabardine patches with black coated effect inspired by the army aviator world. With four-hole buttons, this item will lend an 80's and 90's vintage touch to your look.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Army shirt with appliques - Replay M8825L_000_84024P_098_1 M8825L_000_84024P_112_1 M8825L_000_84024P_112_2 M8825L_000_84024P_098_2 M8825L_000_84024P_098_3 M8825L_000_84024P_112_3 M8825L_000_84024P_098_4 M8825L_000_84024P_098_5 M8825L_000_84024P_098_6 M8825L_000_84024P_112_6 M8825L_000_84024P_098_7 M8825L_000_84024P_098_8 M8825L_000_84024P_112_8