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Women’s Straight Jeans

Timeless, durable, and trendy. The women’s straight jeans are perfect for all body types and style needs. The straight and comfortable cut makes them the ideal choice for everyday use, to enhance and adapt them to your style with constantly changing pairings. Classic or with appliqué, prints, and embroidery, the straight jeans model represents an item that no woman can do without.

  • Straight fit Joplyn jeans wa405 .000.108662r

    wa405 .000.108662r

  • Straight fit Joplyn jeans Rose Label wa405 .000.83c 636

    wa405 .000.83c 636

  • Straight fit Joplyn jeans wa405t.000.800525r


  • Straight fit Maestro Joplyn jeans wb405e.000.207 m57

    wb405e.000.207 m57

  • Straight fit Joplyn jeans Rose Label wa405 .000.50c680r

    wa405 .000.50c680r

  • Straight fit Maghy jeans wa423f.000.142 655

    wa423f.000.142 655

  • Straight fit Maghy jeans Rose Label wa423 .000.8005205

    wa423 .000.8005205