Recycled Nylon vest M8083 .000.83798

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Men’s sleeveless jacket in solid-coloured quilted recycled nylon, turtleneck, diamond-shaped rubber logo on the chest, two zipped pockets at the front, REPLAY print at the back, fastening with customized zipper puller and press studs on the collar. This jacket is made 100% with recycled nylon materials coming from the regeneration of fishing nets recovered from the oceans. By choosing this sustainable garments, you will have the same look performance, durability and high strength as a traditional one, but with a smaller environmental impact and lower energy consumption.

LINING : 100% Polyamide/nylon
STUFFING : 100% Polyester
EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Polyamide/nylon

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Recycled Nylon vest - Replay M8083_000_83798_212_1 M8083_000_83798_352_1 M8083_000_83798_352_2 M8083_000_83798_212_2 M8083_000_83798_714_2 M8083_000_83798_714_3 M8083_000_83798_212_3 M8083_000_83798_352_3 M8083_000_83798_352_5 M8083_000_83798_212_5 M8083_000_83798_714_5 M8083_000_83798_714_6 M8083_000_83798_212_6 M8083_000_83798_352_6 M8083_000_83798_352_7 M8083_000_83798_212_7 M8083_000_83798_714_7 M8083_000_83798_714_8 M8083_000_83798_212_8 M8083_000_83798_352_8