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T-shirt with drawings print M6482 .000.22662G

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Crewneck t-shirt made of garment-dyed open end cotton jersey. With short sleeves and regular fit, the garment is characterized by the drawing with cherub on the chest and by the print with drawings on the side of the sleeve and at the back.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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T-shirt with drawings print - Replay M6482_000_22662G_833_1 M6482_000_22662G_833_2 M6482_000_22662G_869_2 M6482_000_22662G_869_3 M6482_000_22662G_833_3 M6482_000_22662G_833_5 M6482_000_22662G_869_5 M6482_000_22662G_869_6 M6482_000_22662G_833_6 M6482_000_22662G_833_7 M6482_000_22662G_869_7