T-shirt in Evoflex jersey M3210 .000.20645

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Men’s crewneck t-shirt in jersey and super stretch mélange Evoflex nylon, regular fit, diamond-shaped logo on the side of the sleeve. This item has been made with recycled materials and fabrics from used fishing nets, allowing complete freedom of movement and extreme durability without losing its shape and line. An elegant collection characterized by a comfortable fit.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 86% Polyamide/nylon,14% Elastane

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T-shirt in Evoflex jersey - Replay M3210_000_20645_206_1 M3210_000_20645_493_1 M3210_000_20645_493_2 M3210_000_20645_206_2 M3210_000_20645_206_3 M3210_000_20645_493_3 M3210_000_20645_493_5 M3210_000_20645_206_5 M3210_000_20645_206_6 M3210_000_20645_493_6