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Regular-fit jeans M1981 40th Anniversary Edition M1981 .000.40A 40A

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Men's Regular-fit jeans M1981 in 12.5oz light indigo wash Japanese Red Selvedge denim with whiskers, distressed and wrinkled details along the leg. Strong pumice stone wash process with bleach for a destroyed look. Abrasions on pocket edges and rip & repair details along the entire leg. Subtle dirty finish and final 3D drying on a mannequin for a distressed, vintage look. This regular-fit style with slim leg is inspired by our Archive models. Button closure and large square pockets on the back with seagull wing patch and traditional red embroidered R for an authentic look. Seams, stitching and seagull wing embroidery in rope-coloured thread. 40th Anniversary button with antique brass finish. The nail buttons applied along the belt evoke styles from the beginning of the century. Oversized aged leather patch with the iconic corporate image 40 Years Following Our Dreams 1981-2021. Inner linings and pocket liners are inspired by fabrics from the Replay Archive. The jeans are MADE IN ITALY.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Regular-fit jeans M1981 40th Anniversary Edition - Replay M1981_000_40A-40A_010_1 M1981_000_40A-40A_010_2 M1981_000_40A-40A_010_3 M1981_000_40A-40A_010_4 M1981_000_40A-40A_010_5 M1981_000_40A-40A_010_6 M1981_000_40A-40A_010_7 M1981_000_40A-40A_010_8