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Long-sleeved t-shirt with used effect M3592 .000.2660

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Crewneck t-shirt made of cotton jersey. With long sleeves and regular fit, the garment is refined by the edges with raw cut and micro abrasions with distressed look. The item is enhanced by the customized label printed at the cuffs and by the R-shaped embroidery on the side of the collar.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Long-sleeved t-shirt with used effect - Replay M3592_000_2660_098_1 M3592_000_2660_001_1 M3592_000_2660_576_1 M3592_000_2660_432_1 M3592_000_2660_432_2 M3592_000_2660_576_2 M3592_000_2660_001_2 M3592_000_2660_098_2 M3592_000_2660_098_3 M3592_000_2660_001_3 M3592_000_2660_576_3 M3592_000_2660_432_3 M3592_000_2660_432_5 M3592_000_2660_576_5 M3592_000_2660_001_5 M3592_000_2660_098_5 M3592_000_2660_098_6 M3592_000_2660_001_6 M3592_000_2660_576_6 M3592_000_2660_432_6 M3592_000_2660_432_7 M3592_000_2660_098_7