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Cargo Jeans Special Edition W8099 .000.691 GM1

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11oz red cast comfort indigo denim cargo jeans with oversized patch pockets. These low-rise jeans are inspired by the early 2000s and feature unique accessories for different fits and styles. Two hem tabs can be tightened at the ankle to harmonise the silhouette or left loose for a more relaxed fit. The double button at the waist allows you to wear them with classic or asymmetrical closures. Ideal for a young audience, the style is completed with a white lace serving as a belt at the waist.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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Cargo Jeans Special Edition - Replay W8099_000_691-GM1_009_1 W8099_000_691-GM1_009_2 W8099_000_691-GM1_009_3 W8099_000_691-GM1_009_4 W8099_000_691-GM1_009_5 W8099_000_691-GM1_009_6 W8099_000_691-GM1_009_7 W8099_000_691-GM1_009_8