Wool blend crewneck sweater DK6033.000.G22718

This item is no longer available.

Women’s crewneck sweater in wool blend and cachemire, micro-rhinestones jewel appliques on the collar, dropped shoulder with visible stitching at the beginning of the sleeve, ribbed collar, cuffs and hemline.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 37% Viscose,34% Polyamide/nylon,23% Wool,5% Kashmir,1% Elastane

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Wool blend crewneck sweater - Replay DK6033_000_G22718_756_1 DK6033_000_G22718_498_1 DK6033_000_G22718_457_1 DK6033_000_G22718_457_2 DK6033_000_G22718_498_2 DK6033_000_G22718_756_2 DK6033_000_G22718_756_3 DK6033_000_G22718_498_3 DK6033_000_G22718_457_3 DK6033_000_G22718_457_5 DK6033_000_G22718_498_5 DK6033_000_G22718_756_5 DK6033_000_G22718_756_6 DK6033_000_G22718_498_6 DK6033_000_G22718_457_6 DK6033_000_G22718_756_7