Sweater with maxi V-neck DK6037.000.G22730

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Women's sweater with maxi chenille V-neck, slightly wide fit, fake metal button on the left side, ribbed collar edge, cuffs and hemline.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Polyester

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Sweater with maxi V-neck - Replay DK6037_000_G22730_110_1 DK6037_000_G22730_893_1 DK6037_000_G22730_893_2 DK6037_000_G22730_110_2 DK6037_000_G22730_110_3 DK6037_000_G22730_893_3 DK6037_000_G22730_893_5 DK6037_000_G22730_110_5 DK6037_000_G22730_110_6 DK6037_000_G22730_893_6