Oversized cardigan with checked pattern DK6027.000.G22568

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Women’s oversized wool blend cardigan with contrasting-coloured checked pattern, lapels, belt at the waistline with contrasting-coloured stripes, opening on the front without buttons, cuffs with striped detail in contrasting colours, length under the knee.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 60% Wool,30% Polyamide/nylon,10% Angora

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Oversized cardigan with checked pattern - Replay DK6027_000_G22568_040_1 DK6027_000_G22568_040_2 DK6027_000_G22568_040_3 DK6027_000_G22568_040_4 DK6027_000_G22568_040_5 DK6027_000_G22568_040_6 DK6027_000_G22568_040_7