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Joe cargo trousers M9873A.000.84387

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Cargo trousers made of stretch cotton twill with a very comfortable fit. With an authentic look, the garment with pockets features many details with embossed stitchings and an additional zipped pocket on the side.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 98% Cotton,2% Elastane

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Joe cargo trousers - Replay M9873A_000_84387_015_1 M9873A_000_84387_098_1 M9873A_000_84387_015_2 M9873A_000_84387_098_2 M9873A_000_84387_703_2 M9873A_000_84387_703_3 M9873A_000_84387_098_3 M9873A_000_84387_015_3 M9873A_000_84387_015_5 M9873A_000_84387_098_5 M9873A_000_84387_703_5 M9873A_000_84387_703_6 M9873A_000_84387_098_6 M9873A_000_84387_015_6 M9873A_000_84387_015_7 M9873A_000_84387_098_7 M9873A_000_84387_703_7 M9873A_000_84387_703_8 M9873A_000_84387_098_8 M9873A_000_84387_015_8