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Jacquard cardigan with zipper UK8517.000.G23360

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Crewneck cardigan in warm wool blend fabric with zipper fastening. The garment is characterized by the jacquard drawing with colourshades inspired by the outdoor world and by the contrasting-coloured striped pattern at the back. With ribbed edges, this item is enhanced by the customized label on the side of the sleeve.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 45% Acrylic,30% Wool,25% Polyamide/nylon

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Jacquard cardigan with zipper - Replay UK8517_000_G23360_010_1 UK8517_000_G23360_010_2 UK8517_000_G23360_010_3 UK8517_000_G23360_010_5 UK8517_000_G23360_010_6 UK8517_000_G23360_010_7