BIO PACK Organic cotton t-shirt M6031 .000.23178G

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Men’s crewneck t-shirt in garment-dyed organic cotton jersey, regular fit, ribbed collar, embroidered writing on the shoulders and REPLAY Archive logo print at the front. Cotton grown with low impact products and methods, and without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, toxic and persistent for the cotton and for the environment. No genetically modified GMO seeds.

EXTERNAL CLOTH : 100% Cotton

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BIO PACK Organic cotton t-shirt - Replay M6031_000_23178G_001_1 M6031_000_23178G_825_1 M6031_000_23178G_001_2 M6031_000_23178G_825_2 M6031_000_23178G_309_2 M6031_000_23178G_309_3 M6031_000_23178G_825_3 M6031_000_23178G_001_3 M6031_000_23178G_001_5 M6031_000_23178G_825_5 M6031_000_23178G_309_5 M6031_000_23178G_309_6 M6031_000_23178G_825_6 M6031_000_23178G_001_6 M6031_000_23178G_001_7 M6031_000_23178G_825_7 M6031_000_23178G_309_7