Backpack in technical fabric FM3430.000.A0403

$ CAD 240.00 $ CAD 96.00
This item is no longer available.

Men’s backpack in technical fabric, flap on the upper part, FDR NY PP2206 writing on the front, contrasting-coloured front zipped p ocket and patch with REPLAY SPORTLAB logo, handle in technical ribbon to hand carry it, shoulder straps in technical ribbon with REP LAY SPORTLAB writings. Width 41 cm, height 30 cm, depth 12 cm.

LINING 1 : 100% Polyamide/nylon
EXTERNAL CLOTH 1 : 100% Polyethylene

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Backpack in technical fabric - Replay FM3430_000_A0403_098_1 FM3430_000_A0403_160_SL FM3430_000_A0403_160_1 FM3430_000_A0403_098_2 FM3430_000_A0403_160_2 FM3430_000_A0403_160_3 FM3430_000_A0403_098_3 FM3430_000_A0403_098_5 FM3430_000_A0403_160_5 FM3430_000_A0403_160_6 FM3430_000_A0403_098_6 FM3430_000_A0403_098_7 FM3430_000_A0403_160_7 FM3430_000_A0403_160_8 FM3430_000_A0403_098_8